Attending a cat show is a unique and fun experience where you can see beautiful specimens of different breeds and learn more about cats in general. A cat show consists of several simultaneous shows going on in different rings, each with a different judge. 

   Cats receive a number and find their benched cage, where they wait to be called to the judges' rings. When called, the owner brings the cat to the cages in each of the different rings for judges to take the cat out, inspect it and rate it. Each ring has a ring clerk and a ring steward who help everything run smoothly by maintaining records, calling numbers and keeping cages clean between cats. Each cat show also has a master clerk to keep records organized.

How Do Cats Compete?
Cats compete at CFA cat shows in one of the following categories:

KITTEN - for cats between the ages of 4 and 8 months
CHAMPIONSHIP - for CFA registered cats over 8 months of age
PREMIERSHIP - for CFA registered altered cats over 8 months of age
VETERANS - for cfa registered cats 7 years and older
HOUSEHOLD PET - for non-pedigreed cats that have been altered

The cats are handled by each judge, who compares them to a written “standard” for each breed. The standard tells the judge the shape of the body, head, ears, length of tail, details
about the expecte coat length, plus describes all of the possible color descriptions.

​​​In a judging ring, the male cats have blue cards for their numbers, and the females have pink ones

Have lots of fun, enjoy looking at the cats, and be sure to:

  • Walk in the show hall. Cats like slow movements.
  • Always ask cat owners if you may touch or play with their cat.
  • Speak softly in the show hall. Cats love to hear soft voices.
  • Watch quietly in the judging rings so that you can learn about cat breeds.
  • When you see someone carrying a cat to or from a judging ring, always let them get through the crowd first. They need to be on time for the judge.
  • If you want to take a photograph of a cat, always ask the owners first if it is OK.

Finding a Cat Show

So find a Cat Show near you! Come see your favorite breeds, talk to exibitors and be sure to watch the cats being judged. Many of the judges have interesting facts about genenics, breed standards and the history of this great hobby.

If you have questions about attending a cat show in the southwest region please use the chat button on the right side of the page

Download these helpful guides:

Southwest Region Cat Shows

​​February 2020​​

​​March 2020​​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Palm Springs, CA  Mar 28 - CANCELLED


April 2020

​Las Vegas, NV Apr 25-26 - CANCELLED
Henderson Multigenerational Center 250 S Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV
Las Vegas Cat Club  

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

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