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Southwest Region Show Schedule


21-22(L). USA, CA, ONTARIO: OAKS MIDDLE SCHOOL, 1221 SOUTH OAKS AVE. Santa Monica Cat Club. 7AB, 3SP, HHP. (Back-to-Back) Judges: Dodds(AB), Honey(AB), Jaeger(AB), Nye(AB), Orlando(AB), Salisbury(AB), Mathis(AB), Griswold(LH/SH), Heidt(LH/SH), Quigley(LH/SH). ENTRY LIMIT 225 Entry Clerk: LISA MARIE KUTA, 918 GENEVA STREET, GLENDALE, CA 91207, USA. 818 269 3756. 
Email: [email protected]

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October 2019

19(L). USA, AZ, PHOENIX: EL ZARIBAH SHRINE AUDITORIUM, 552 NORTH 40TH STREET. Superstition Cat Fanciers. 5AB, 1SP, HHP, VETERANS. Judges: Nye(AB), Honey(AB), Veach(AB), Helmrich(AB), TBA(AB), DeGolyer(LH), Reding(SH).     ENTRY LIMIT 225 Entry Clerk: MARGARET BENZER, PO BOX 40593, MESA, AZ 85274, USA. 480 250 8267. 
Email: [email protected]

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26(L). USA, HI, HONOLULU: BLAISDELL CENTER, 777 WARD AVE. Cat Fanciers of Hawaii. 4AB. Judges: Ganoe(AB), Quigley(AB), Yurchick(AB), Jaeger(AB).     ENTRY LIMIT 200     Entry Clerk: CORI BIETE, 1645 HOOLULU ROAD, WAHIAWA, HI 96786, USA. 808 294 4304. 
Email: [email protected]


02(L). USA, CA, ONTARIO: OAKS MIDDLE SCHOOL, 1221 SOUTH OAKS AVE. Abyssinian Breeders Int'L. 4AB, HHP, VETERANS. Judges: Newkirk(AB), Owen(AB), McIntyre(AB), Heidt(AB). ENTRY LIMIT 150  Entry Clerk: LISA MARIE KUTA, 918 GENEVA STREET, GLENDALE, CA 91207, USA. 818 269 3756. 
Email: [email protected]

Show Flyer

23(P). USA, CA, GLENDALE: Poinsettia City Cat Club. Judges: Reding.

December 2019

14-15(L). USA, AZ, MESA: MESA CONVENTION CENTER, 263 NORTH CENTER STREET. Phoenix Feline Fanciers. 6AB, 2SP, HHP, VETERANS. Judges: Dodds(AB), Harding(AB), Jaeger(AB), Myers(AB), Orlando(AB), Rothermel(AB), Anger(LH/SH), B. Moser(LH/SH). ENTRY LIMIT 350 Entry Clerk: KIMBERLEY SMITH, 1120 N VAL VISTA # 13, GILBERT, AZ 85234, USA. 623 810 5197. 
Email: [email protected]

Show Flyer

January 2020

11-12(P). USA, CA, ONTARIO: Crown City Cat Club. Judges: Nye, G. Powell, Heidt

18(L). USA, HI, HONOLULU: NEAL BLAISDELL ARENA, 7777 WARD AVE. Cat Fanciers of Hawaii. 4AB, VETERANS. Judges: Dodds(AB), Rogers(AB), Helmrich(AB), Honey(AB). ENTRY LIMIT 200 Entry Clerk: CARITA INOUE, 95-214 PAEHEU, MILILANI, HI 96789, USA. 808 778 3055. 
Email: [email protected]

25-26(L). USA, CA, DEL MAR: DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS-EXHIBIT HALL, 2260 JIMMY DURANTE BLVD. San Diego Cat Fanciers. 4AB, 2SSP(KIT,CH, PR), 2SP, HHP, AGILITY. Judges: Adkison(AB), Jaeger(AB), B. Moser(AB), Newkirk(AB), Nye(AB), Veach(AB), Heidt(LH/SH), Mare(LH/SH). ENTRY LIMIT 450 Entry Clerk: RHONDA AVERY, PO BOX 6700, OXNARD, CA 93031, USA. 805 443 1311. 
Email: [email protected]

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​08(P). USA, CA, GLENDALE: Malibu Cat Club. Judges: Nye, Heidt, Reding


​28(P). USA, CA, PALM SPRINGS: Los Colores Cat Club. Judges: Heidt, Vargas Huesa


​25(P). USA, NV, LAS VEGAS: Las Vegas Cat Club

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